Introductıon Report

The Union of Non-Governmental Organizations of the Islam World, which has
emerged pursuant to a quest for a new vision in the changing world and which has
conducted numerous technical and social studies for improving the cooperation
between the Muslims since its incorporation, now takes an important step for tracking
the developments in the world, to monitor the crisis regions and to adapt to the newly
emerging situations and changes, all of which it will realize through the system of
Boards of Countries.
The system of “Boards of Countries” covers the entire world and it is a very
comprehensive study. In order to obtain practical results from a comprehensive study,
it is necessary to assort the world in different regions and to determine the regionspecific data on a country basis. The scientific studies conducted by the country experts
trained by the IDSB has revealed social, political and economic data for the country in
question, the legal infrastructure has been introduced, the subjects to be handled have
been identified as some sub-headings, and these have been submitted to the attention
of the public opinion and decision makers. To find numerous answers to problems
concerning countries, to have different points of view, and to simultaneously share the
economic and social changes at a particular location has therefore been possible. It
aims at influencing the national policy via reports and articles that serve to the
preparation of making well-rooted comparisons and assessments on the countries
included in the board and to draw accurate strategies.

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