Varıable Mıddle East Polıcıes Of Turkey From 1925 To 1960

Turkey has been the main actor who effects region by directly ruling or inspiring them as
well. Turkey had to leave the territory after losing the WW1. Following 5 years after
collapse of Ottoman was enough tough for Turkey to handle for itself. Especially
becoming a secular nation-state made the things complex, because of the religious and
national diversity which is inherited from The Ottoman Empire to Turkey. Such these
difficulties were not only living and influencing the interior policies but also strongly
influenced the external policies as well. But this new established country was having
some troubles with sustaining a stable policy for the Middle East. For a long time, Turkey
did not want to intervene the territory; but this was changing time by time due to external
forcements and internal pressures on governments. This paper attempts to analyze the
question of why Middle East Policies of Turkey were variable in the light of true source of
knowledge such as survey, poll and scholarly study